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Why composite rebars?


Composite rebars have complete corrosion resistance and virtually complete resistance to acids and bases, which significantly increases the lifespan of concrete products reinforced with composite, additionally thanks to the mentioned strength concrete products, eg panels can be freely used in aggressive environments, i.e. agricultural buildings intended for animal husbandry, fencing warehouses fertilizers, rubbish dumps and more. Corrosion resistance allows the use of concrete reinforced concrete composite in places of contact with water, including salt water. road culverts, railings, posts, elements of the drainage system, etc. without the need to use additional reinforcement protection measures or more expensive reinforcement already secured. At prices lower than the cheapest wire on the market used most often at the reinforcement of fence elements, and in particular with the use of standard steel reinforcing bars.

Over 9 times lighter than steel reinforcements
Additional product features:
No need to straighten the wire - the composite rod is in a simple form, it can be wound elastically in a spool, however after unfolding it always returns to the original shape
No need for welding to connect the wire - composite rods can be combined with clamps or glue.
A much lower mass with a higher tensile strength (800m spool weighs about 20kg) so you can move it manually without the need for specialized machines.
The product can be delivered in reels up to max 1000mb, in sections with fixed dimensions or in ready connected frames on the basis of an individual order.